Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pet Cemetery & Round Barn Ride

Last Wednesday, I particpated in the DCSS ride. DCSS = Daviess County Slow Spokes. It's the unofficial club that Thurston and my mom founded. They are racking up the miles and logging all sorts of routes all complete with weekly ride reports. I absolutely love it. Think they'll get their own blog????

On this day, we previewed part of the upcoming DCSSP&IC ride. (DCSSP&IC = Daviess County Slow Spokes Pizza & Ice Cream) Friends and relatives will soon ride a 40+ mile route on the backroads of southern Indiana with the promise of good food afterwards. The goal--HAVING FUN!

I had ridden part of this route previously and just had to get a pic of this:

A real Pet Cemetery

Later in the ride, we glided along this stretch of concrete roadway. Smooth.

I wanted to get a few sprints in, so Mike P. gladly took the bait. He jumped on the first hill, and I knew there was no way I would bridge up to him. Drat! It made me hungrier for the next two. These were short rollers, so I was able to power up in my big ring. When I saw him by me, I was able to shift up and go harder. Wow! We finally settled down and rode more as a group. Thurston would take off with his own intervals only to stop ahead and take pics and videos. Can't wait to see those. Mom was ever consistent with steady pedaling while weaving all over the place.

I gave only 1 lecture on the ride stifling all other safe bike riding tips. I think they have more fun when I'm not there. But by her logic, since she taught me to ride a bike, she must be pretty safe. Who can argue with that?

Next we came upon the namesake of the ride. The round barn.

We finished with about 20 miles and begged a 15-year old girl who was walking with friends to take a group pic. She and her friends rolled their eyes at our spandex outfits and were laughing among themselves. Nevertheless, she withstood our antics and snapped the shot below. Thanks, Brandy.

Naturally everyone is welcome to ride in the first DCSSP&IC ride. I'll post the date when it's decided, but it should be in the next month or two. I'm still trying to decide which part will be the most exhilerating: the ride, the pizza, or the ice cream.

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Season said...

Oh how I wish I could be there to whitness the 1st DCSSPIC (I hope I got that right) ride!
It makes me long to be back in Indiana again!
I hate to run, but I like to ride.